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International Accreditation We are Accredited Nationally and Internationally

Courses Offered:

Enter the glamorous world of Nail Couture at
Camelot International! Course covers Acrylic, Gel,
Fibre and Silk techniques. Learn while you earn,
attend the course on a Saturday morning of
Weekday evening.

Become a Make-Up Expert!
This creative course focuses on the art and study
of different make-up techniques. It includes
corrective make- up, contouring, day, evening
and bridal make-up.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are
reflexes on both hands and feet, which correspond to
organs of the body. The treatment is carried out by
means of pressure using the thumbs and fingers,
which will be used to locate and resolve functional

Aromatherapy is derived from two words, ‘Aroma’
meaning fragrance and ‘therapy’ meaning treatment.
Aromatherapy makes use of specifically selected oils
combined with massage. The student will learn to
treat a client holistically taking into account physical,
mental, emotional aspects and benefits of aromatics,
thus stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself.

This course encompasses theoretical as well as
practical knowledge of Swedish Body Massage
techniques. Massage improves the physical,
mental and emotional health by dispersing daily
strains and tensions, bringing about a general
feeling of well-being.

Anatomy and Physiology is the study of the
structure and function of the human body.
Aspects covered in the course include cytology,
histology and all the body systems. Pathology
refers to the study of disease-causing organisms
and basic knowledge of how these manifest in the
various body systems.

This training course provides the learner with an
in-depth understanding of the primary theoretical
and practical aspects of skin care therapies.
Starting with the basics and progressing to the
latest treatment innovations and technologies

What is the Institution known for:

Institution’s Unique Selling Points: Camelot International is committed to providing each learner with the best education. We offer learners of all ages courses that are run on a full time, part time, modular and private tuition basis. We also offer our graduates placement opportunities within our Hotel Spa and Treatment Group.
Additionally we train on salon and spa business software to facilitate your learning experience and to prepare you for the world of spa business.

Campus Facilities:

Wifi, student parking and recreational area

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