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At Boston City Campus and Business College, we know that this decision can be quite daunting because there is so much on offer and so much riding on your decision. We believe these facts will speak for themselves and will help you make the better choice

Course Offering:

The great thing about taking accounting courses is that, once you graduate, you can work in a variety of industries. Most corporate companies employ their own in-house accountant to make sure that everything is on track and the finances are in check.
At Boston, we offer the perfect accounting course for you – whether you’re looking for an in-depth financial accounting course or want to add to your education with short accounting and bookkeeping courses.
Bookkeeping is no easy task and that’s why our courses are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as an accountant.

Executive Secretary Financial
Credit Controller / Assistant Bookkeeper
National Certificate: Bookkeeping – Certified Junior Bookkeeper
Assistant Bookkeeper
National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting – Public Accounts Administrator
Further Education & Training Certificate: Bookkeeping – Certified Senior Bookkeeper
National Diploma: Financial Accounting – Certified Financial Accountant
National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting – Certified Technical Financial Accountant
National Diploma: Public Sector Accounting – Technical Public Accountant
Diploma in Financial Accounting
Certificate: Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

If you enjoy working with people and communicating in various work-place environments then the Business Communication industry could be for you.
Learners who successfully complete their studies will be able to deal effectively with customers and acquire a keen understanding of the importance of client service in today’s competitive business environment.
Be part of the dynamic business world and play a key communication role in any organisation.
Diploma in Office Administration
FET Certificate: Business Administration Services – Employee Relations
FET Certificate: Contact Centre Operation – Managing People
FET Certificate: Contact Centre Operation – Managing People
Administrative Assistant
Public Relations Assistant
Media Consultant
Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador
Customer Liaison Consultant
Executive Secretary
General Secretary
Call Centre Operator
Office Assistant
Receptionist Secretary
Stock Controller

Boston provides an ideal entry into the dynamic and exciting world of health, sport and wellness – one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa and internationally.
Opportunities exist in health and wellness management, community engagement, sports administration, sports marketing and management, coaching, sports entertainment and the management of corporate social responsibility programmes in health, sports and wellness.
Football Coaching & Administration
Further Education & Training Certificate: Sport Administration
Higher Certificate: HIV/AIDS Counselling And Wellness
Sports Club Administration
Sports Management
The Lay Counsellor
The Lay Counsellor

Many people think that you need nothing more than people skills to succeed in the hospitality and tourism industries. While a friendly and outgoing nature certainly is necessary, one also needs to be diplomatic and accurate. You cannot afford to get bookings or trips wrong, and must be able to keep your composure during stressful situations.
If you tick all the boxes, and you have a keen interest in destinations both locally and abroad, why not enrol for one of our hospitality courses? Pick from Travel and Tourism, Hotel and Catering Operations and Hospitality Management or qualify as a Tourism Reservations and Front-of-House Officer. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to apply for positions at game reserves, hotels, guest houses, bed-and-breakfast establishments, holiday resorts and even restaurants.
Enquire about our hospitality and events management courses today to get your career in the hospitality and leisure industries started.

Diploma in Event Management
The Event Planner
Travel and Tourism Operations
Hotel and Catering Operations
Hospitality Management
Reservations & Front-Of-House Officer
Booking Agent

Do you approach problems in a methodical manner, working towards a solution step by step? Do you use proven facts and figures, and earlier experiences, to base arguments on? Do technology, gadgets and computers excite you? Then a career in Information Technology (IT) could be for you.
At Boston City Campus, we offer a wide selection of IT courses, ranging from an introduction to Information Technology to IT qualifications in software and security. These IT certifications and computer courses will open many doors for you. You’d be able to work as an Application Developer, Programming Specialist, Cloud Solutions Professional, Computer Technician and Network Support Technician, to name but a few.
Boston has been rated best tuition centre in Africa and 3rd Globally by CompTIA.
What are you waiting for? Explore our IT career courses and apply for one today.

Diploma in Systems Development
Diploma in Systems Development
Diploma in Network Systems
Diploma in Network Systems
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Private Cloud
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
Software Specialist
Networking Specialist
Computer Technician
Networking Technician
Security Technician/Administrator
Server Support Administrator
Computer Clerk
Data Capturer
Introduction to Web & Graphic Design

The legal and human resource management industries have so many different sectors, and the opportunities that come with legal courses and human resource management courses are almost endless. If you have an eye for detail, are interested in everything to do with the law, have excellent people skills and enjoy hard work, then a career in law or human resources may be perfect for you.
Whether you’re looking to go into human resources with our HR management courses or are looking at a career in law with our legal secretary course or a legal writing course, our selection of law courses and human resource management courses will give you everything you need in order to succeed.
When you take a law or HR management course at Boston City Campus, we guarantee that we will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to make the most of your career.

Diploma in Human Resource Management
Higher Certificate in Commerce in Human Resource Management
Higher Certificate in Commerce in Human Resource Development
FET Certificate: Human Resource Management and Practices Support
National Certificate: Paralegal Practice – Human Relations & Employee Relations
Conveyancing Secretary
Executive Secretary Legal

Those that excel in business all possess a number of core skills – they’re efficient, decisive and strategic. They’re able to think on their feet and take responsibility for their actions. Excellent communicators too, they find it easy to talk to and relate to just about anyone they meet.
If these are all skills you pride yourself on, you should consider enrolling for one of our management courses. Boston City Campus offers some of the most comprehensive courses in South Africa. Just some of the options available to you are Project Management, Business Management and Marketing. Those who would like to stand at the helm of an admin department, can choose our Office Administration course to learn about office management.
Enquire about these courses today if you want to develop an understanding of business organisations and a knowledge of markets, customers, operations, communication, finance and business resources.

Bachelor of Commerce in Management Marketing
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Marketing Management
Higher Certificate in Business Management Practice
Higher Certificate in Marketing Practice
Higher Certificate in Advertising & Integrated Communication Practice
Project Management
The Retailer
The Sales Representative
Marketing 101
The Essentials of Management
The Small Business Manager
The Warehouse Supervisor

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