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Just imagine your life in ten years’ time; now some people will get there and some won’t. Our plan is to ensure that most do get there.Our primary objective is to ensure that every person has ALL and the right information at their disposal to assist with their tertiary studies. If pursuing studies is not part of your plan let us know and we will help you in whatever your imagination is.Through innovation and technology we strive to ensure that our young adults experience the power of fingertip education. We aim to assist, uplift and empower students (and people in general) through their transformation and educational journey.

What we do

We help people discover great institutions around them. Through technology our team gathers information from tertiary institutions on a regular basis to ensure our data is fresh. Our technology allows users to search and discover institutions, view institution profile, compare prices, share their reviews, videos, photos and accreditation details so you have all that you need to make an informed choice.

Building amazing experiences around tertiary education. Starting with information about tertiary institutions, financial assistance, tutor assistance and job seeking. We are making tertiary education smoother and more enjoyable.

Enabling tertiary institutions to create amazing experiences. With dedicated engagement and management tools we’re enabling tertiary institutions to spend more time focusing on education itself, which translate directly to better learning experiences.

Corporate culture :

Its only the beginning – No Matter how much we have done and achieved, we are only just getting started.
Pushing the limits – we are ready to stay out of our comfort zone.
Approachability – We are always open to ideas, feedback and questions.